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Landscape Design

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Landscape Design includes several services like rock & stonework, plantings, mulch, sprinkler systems, drainage, water features, landscape lighting, hardscape areas, retaining walls, and fencing.  Call 918-951-9914 for more information or to schedule a complimentary one-hour consultation today!

Cut Right Landscape & Tree is constantly creating personalized landscaping experiences, we’re committed to enhancing your lifestyle and property value with every project we take on.  From planning detailed layouts and landscape design to actual installations, our experienced and talented landscape designers and team are masters at their craft.  We embrace the Oklahoma lifestyle, and love getting your life outdoors.   Let us help make your dream a reality.

Our Landscape Design Services

Plant Design – Landscape Design typically begins with a planting design, that is based on soil & sun requirements, and the style and preferences of each customer.

Water Features – Water features can include pondless waterfalls, koi ponds or streams, bubblers, etc. Waterfalls just provide that great peaceful sound for your outdoor living area! Give us a call for a quote on your water feature!

Hardscaping – Hardscape design is the art of creating functional living spaces, retaining walls, walkways, and pool areas using materials including rock, stone, brick, and concrete.

Retaining Walls – Retaining Wall will consist of a concrete footing for anything over four feet tall and can be constructed from decorative concrete block, rock, stone, or a poured concrete wall.

Drainage – Starting at 10 sq ft, Cut Right offers many drainage solutions for you! We offer a lifetime warranty on all french drain systems! Don’t let water sit around on your property causing damage, just give us a call!

Landscape Lighting – The design of a lighting project with correct spacing will provide both security and lighting to your home’s walkways, outdoor living areas, and even accent lighting for your pool!

Sod & Hydroseed – Bermuda, Fescue, Rye, and Zoysia are available for both sod and hydro-seed applications. Sod is a more immediate result, where hydro-seed is cheaper but will take 30 days approximately for the same result

Sprinkler Repair & Install – The installation and repair of a sprinkler system are to guarantee proper watering of plants, trees, and grass of a property.