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Our Design Process


The Steps in Our Process to Give You the Best Possible Result

1.  Pre-Design Needs & Options Review Call

Helps us learn about you and your project.  You get to learn a little more about us.

2.  Site Analysis

Each project starts with an initial consultation for accurate field data.  We analyze and process the data about your site which will be used to inform the design process.

3.  Master Planning

This step is where we work with you, pencil, paper, and the latest tech to create a design vision for your project in 2D and 3D.

4.  Construction Documentation & Costs

Next, depending on the scale of the project and the amount of revisions, we translate the design into an accurate, detailed, biddable, and buildable document along with the final cost of the landscape design project.

5.  Construction Administration

Finally, we walk with you through the building process and keep your design goals in focus as your project is completed and you kick back with a cold drink to enjoy your newly completed space.

Developing A Residential Landscape Plan

is Both An Art and A Science